Tuesday, January 20, 2009

im tired of crying
im tired of trying
im smiling
but inside im dying

i dont want you to feel sorry for me

i dont need you to criticized me

i dont ask you to make fun of me

i juz need you to be there when im in pain

i juz need you to help me get through this..

i miss my girl friends

miss them much

hope they were ere..

pape pon.. ooo.. sangat tak sabar nak balik ipoh.. ipoh ku yang tercinta..

last night im havin a program called malam tautan hati which organized by my college.. it is so damn bored.. dah la smalam my class straigt 8 to 6, then rushing mkan bersiap.. then trus tron and wait for the bus.. dahla ramai gle.. tapi busnye 3 bijik je.. menyirap je!! my fren almost jatuh dalam longkang. sian mcru.. but it doesnt stop there.. when we got there,the hall if already full with people.. and LUCKY for us we got ourselves a NICE spot.. the stairs.. damn.

we didnt hear a thing that pengetua ckap.. we juz too busy snappin pic.. ahaha.. and nadea... gambar ni sume tak edit. =)

Monday, January 19, 2009


from the muvie 10 things i hate bout you, and sayang, i wanna say this to you too..=):

I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
I'm beggin' you to beg me
I want you to want me
I need you to need me
I'd love you to love me
( I want you to want me-letters to cleo)

i luv the movie~ 10 things i hate bout you so much.. luv late heath ledger. i'm his biggest fan.. so sad when he died early... and he doesnt hav to die like that.. poor matilda.. she has to grow up without a father who i believe can be such a great father..

i also luv the poem in this muvie.. i used to memorize it, but im not anymore.. lalala~~
this muvie is so romantic makes me wanna laugh so hard, cry so loud evrytime i see the muvie.
and i cry evrytime it reach the part julia stiles read the poem.. i mean this poem =) :

I hate the way you talk to me
And the way you cut your hair
I hate the way you drive my car
I hate it when you stare
I hate your big dumb combat boots
And the way you read my mind
I hate you so much that it makes me sick
It even makes me ryhme
I hate the way you're always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
Even worse when you make me cry
I hate the way you're not around
And the fact that you didn't call
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you
Not even close,
not even a little bit,
not even at all.
emmm and not to forget the part where heath sang cant take my eyes off you~ so ramnticccccccccccc...

she's all that~anotha muvie that i luvvvvvv~~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

dear mydent,
I love you, I cannot live without you...
I would like to go through life side by side with you,
telling you more and more until we grew to be together until it is time for us to die.
Let me love you in my own way.
Let me have your heart always close to mine to hear every throb of my life,
every sorrow,
every joy.

I hate you
You ruin my life
You make me feel lame bout myself
You make me turn to be somebody that im not
I hate you..
But still, im finding myself treating you nicely
You don’t deserve that
You don’t deserve my smile
You don’t deserve my kindness
You don’t deserve my friendship
Cause you are not even a human!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

im back to shah alam~~

hye~~ u know what, best sgt g JB. i hav a blast time there. luv the food,environment,the people(of course).. evrything.. sangat nyesal tak apply.. UTM is sooo different with uitm.. utm sangat besar ok. masjid die pon dah macam masjid shah alam..

so happy i can hang out with mydent.. but we spend most of our time in UTM.. so, i arrived at sri putri on thursday.. i didnt go to class on friday.. sangat jahat~ aha.. then mydent took me to kolej rahman putra or KRP.. hehe.. this is hanny's college where i will stay for a few days.. so glad to see hanny again.. otho rumah dekat tp rarely meet.
then mandi2 g makan bakso~the best bakso ever.. seriously.. feel like utm's student for a while i guess..pastu mydent bawak tour satu utm.. pastu malam makan kdse.. sedap jugak tau~~ and tukang masak die sangatla cute.. ehehe.. cci mateskejap.. tapi lg ske tgk mydent yang ade kat depan mate.. act that is our routine for the whole weekend.. amost evryday, makan bakso~~ =)

otha than dat we juz jalan2, and snap lots of pic mostly pic of me.. sorry syg~~ and thanks for being such a good photographer..

then, on sunday.. i hav to go to shah alam.. sangat ssh nak tglkan mydent.. i dunno why.. its not like we never gonna meet again ryte? but i dunno.. i fil like im losing sumtin.. and believe or not i cried beforenaik bus and ble bus dah jaln pon.. im gonna miss him~~
fariz bukhori, thanks for evrything uve done for me.. ill be the greatest gf u ever had.. thats my azam tahun baru.. aahaha..


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

yay~~. he's my evrything

ill be going to utm skudai tomorro.. cant wai t to see mydent.. miss him damn much. i havent finish packing yet.. rase cam nak bawak semua baju yang ade.. so ill hav mor option.. i juz wanna look good in front of evrybody especially mydent.. ehehe

i bought ashirt from on9 shuppin recently.. nyesal beli.. besar~~ adeii.. dahla mahal.. but i still wear it to class.. like i care wut people said ahaa. tapi dalam gambar cantik je baju tu.. adeiii. ehehe

terpedaye dah ngan on9 shuppin nie

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

i juz wanna L.I.V.E MY LYFE

already in uitm.. my rayuan diterima.. so iam ofificially melati's people.. ahaha.. i dont quite bonding with my rummies yet. they juz soo..... diffrent.. and they rarely talk to me.. so i juz do my own business.. the best part of this room is, dapat wireless. im so happy but scared at the same time.. takut lalai and tak study..

this is wut ive been going thru this past few days:

saturday : supposed goin back to shah alam today but my dad change his mind at the last time and decide to send me to shah alam.. so i dun hav to tumpang my uncle~~.. got very bad cold dat day.. and havin a soar throat.. including my mom and my bro.. so mom decide to take me to the clinic .. die risau demam baru tu.. ape taha name die chikukunya sumtin~~turns out im juz havingnormal flu.. then,we started to pack our things coz we r gonnaspend a nyte at my aunts.. my momkip callin abg eli(my bro) sbb nak gne krete hyundai which abg eli bawak pg rafting without tellin us. he cant be reached.. damn pissed off. so abah bawak waja je.. and tak bleh antar sampai shah alam coz waja tu rosak grak jelaaa~~we r having a blast moment at my aunts.. sangat suke t malim.. ahahaha

sunday : hav to say gudbye to my parents.. so kak jea and kak lia will send me back to shah alam.. we make a quick stop at wondermilk cupcakes to buy some, and kak lia nak tempah cupcakes for her engagement with jack.. and then, straight to shah alam.. uwaaa~~

~tomorrow is a new day~

ive been listening lots of Indonesian band lately.. They are damn cool.. my fav is munajat cinta by ahmad dhani.. Yup, he is a music genius.. Here are the lyric:

Malam ini ku sendiri
Tak ada yang menemani
Seperti malam-malam
Yang sudah sudah.

Hati ini
Selalu sepi
Tak ada yang menghiasi
Seperti, cinta ini
Yang selalu lupus

Mawar ini semakin layu
Tak ada yang memeliki
Seperti aku yang semakin pupus

Tuhan kirimkanlah aku
kekasih yang baik hati
Yang mencintai aku
Apa adanya..

And my fav local band recently is the sixth sense.. Their songs are damn meaningful.. but I guess their music are more like indon music.. And if im not mistaken their vocalist are from Indonesia. Most of their songs remind me of my past.. past that I wanna washed away from my mind so bad. Uhu.. But still, I luv listen to them. Uhu. my fav song is tak bisa memilihmu.. I almost cry when I listen to this song for the first time.. sangat sentimental.. ahaha..

Terjauh terpisah
Diriku dan dirimu dalam ruang
Dan waktu
Diriku jalani sepiku
Tanpa dirimu
Tanpa hadirmu
Sungguh berat hati ku merasakannya

Mencintai dirinya
Saat jauh ku terpisah darimu
Dan hadirnya menyentuh hatiku
Hatiku menginginkannya
Hingga runtuh setiaku kepada dirimu

Ku sakiti hatimu yang tulus mencintaiku..

Maaf ku tak bisa memilih dirimu
Kerna ku terhanyut mencintai dia
Ini la salahku yang memberi ruang di dalam hatiku tuk mencintainya..

Act there’s a lot more song that I wanna share.. uhu.. I ve been listening Sheila on 7’s songs back to back for couple of days.. tak jemu pon~~~ =)

My otha fav songs at the moment:

Ungu : cinta dalam hati
Sheila on 7 : waktu yang tepat untuk berpisah
Rossa : takdir cinta
Tangga : kesempatan kedua
Afgan : my confession
Peterpan : bintang di surga
Padi: menanti sebuah jawapan (sampai ble2 suke lagu ni)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


currently in tg malim.. bored~~